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About Us

Our Design team has rich experience in creating visual elements for international audiences, while maintaining a culturally appropriate design and brand integrity.

Since late 1998 we have been providing a customer based web hosting service. There are numerous web hosting companies on the Web, all competing for your business, but very few truly put customer service first. There are various reasons why this happens but the most obvious one is too many web sites hosted by that company. When a company is hosting thousands and thousands of web sites, then without a doubt your one web site is not important to them. At 'Emaje Infomatics' this is not true. We have not forgotten our roots or where we came from. Each and every single account is as important to us today as when we started. We will always offer you, OUR CUSTOMER the utmost care and service to not only earn your business but more importantly keep your business secure.

We believe that the main focus for a company to sustain growth, is to maintain the mind set that customer service is the number one priority and that remembering your roots from where you came from. This extensive background has given the company a strong emphasis on customer service, support and the business as a whole.

Our work environment is such that we allow advantageous cooperation in our side as well as in the client's side..

Summarily our advantages are as follows:

High reliability = We have a well-organized logistics structure that makes it possible to use effectively the skills of these specialists. We ensure that client relations are always well maintained.

Moderate prices = Emaje Infomatics employs only local specialists to implement the projects, so it is possible to offer relatively low cost and high quality services. We seek for long term cooperation in business.

Wide range of services = We also offer a very wide selection of services to create web sites develop software as well as in the print media.

Speedy project implementation = The structure of Emaje Infomatics makes it possible for the Company to quickly adjust to the current client needs (size and number of workgroups, etc).

High degree of confidentiality = Our system of work environment is designed in such a way that our employees are always under scrutiny for whatever work is being executed. Hence a high degree of confidentiality.

Constant working resource availability = The Company is equipped with specialists so as to be ready to start new projects.

Therefore the goal of Emaje Infomatics is to offer to our clients a very wide variety of extremely high quality software development services at a reasonable price. Being a unique company, Emaje Infomatics offers to its clients unique working terms. All our clients serve as a good confirmation of that fact.

If you have additional questions, we would be glad to advise you personally. Our contact information can be found at our Contact Us page.

The best form of ADVERTISING is WORD OF MOUTH. If we provide excellent service and support, your company will grow and in the process we will also grow. Our continuing growth is a perfect example of this model.

We have among us experts in editing, design, advertising, sales, planning and business management. We combine our skills to give you a complete solution that you seek. Shortly we are also planning to get into Computer based tutorials(CBTs) and Web based tutorials(WBTs).